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The ASRG team consists of professional emergency response coordinators, QFES specialist operators, highly experienced ESO’s, ex-special forces soldiers, stunt coordinators and stuntmen who manage and control high-risk working environments for a living; If we get it wrong there can be immediate and disastrous consequences for ourselves, and those whose lives we have been entrusted with.

Our brains have been hardwired in such a way that anything but the highest level of safety and risk management is unacceptable. We have identified the urgent need for a quality services and a training provider for a sector that has gone without for far too long…

If you have ever been involved in a bad, high-level and fast moving emergency, you will instinctively know that the necessity of having working systems, thorough training, and support in place is a must.

This is the world we live in, lets us share our operational skills and experience with you and your workforce.